Our Team

Principal Consultants

Ron Greenfield, CPA, CFF President

Ron Greenfield has over 30 years of insurance accounting and investigation experience and three years of financial accounting experience with a CPA firm. He is a former chairman of the NYSSCPA Insurance Companies and Agencies Accounting Committee. Ron has supervised numerous audits on behalf of primary insurance and reinsurance companies. He has served as a fact and consulting expert in several insurance and reinsurance company engagements and has worked with many national law firms.

Ron has been qualified as a reinsurance accounting expert in Pennsylvania state court. Throughout the years, he has represented several state insurance departments in cases involving solvency issues, directors and officers' litigation, abuses of contractual obligations, reinsurance recoverables, and adherence to reporting provisions based on contracts and state statutes.

Elyse Pleasic, Consultant, CPA

Elyse Pleasic has over 30 years of auditing and accounting experience in the financial services industry, specifically in the areas of business planning, analysis, management reporting, and financial operations. Elyse's strengths include acting as a strategic and tactical business advisor, driving accountability, process improvements, and performance measurement for business executives.

Elyse has helped clients enter and emerge from bankruptcy and formulated plans of reorganization. She has assisted outside counsel as a fact expert in insurance broker fraud as well as on potential insurance company acquisitions. Elyse has helped restructure insurance company operations to be compliant with state regulations. She has also been instrumental in performing the analysis and drafting of rates pursuant to SERFF requirements.

John Murphy, Senior Claims Consultant

John Murphy is an insurance claims professional with 35 years of experience as a claims specialist. While his specific concentration has been in the area of medical and dental malpractice, healthcare and nursing home claims, and both personal and commercial liability, John has also been involved in the management of general liability, products, and public entity claims. He spent the majority of his claims career in the home office of Chubb & Son, where he was the National Manager of both their professional liability and automobile liability claim departments. However, for the last 10 years he has lent his experience and expertise as a claims consultant for a number of carriers nationwide, including CNA, Arch Insurance Co., Reliance National Insurance Co., andCAP-MPT, as well as captive carriers and self-insured carriers, such as the Federation of Jewish Philanthropies hospitals, Jefferson Hospital Systems, and Cathedral Health Services.

In his capacity as a consultant, John has performed both administrative and technical audits with particular emphasis on indemnity and expense reserve accuracy, as well as audits involving litigation between carriers and TPAs. Additionally, John has testified at trial as an expert for carriers involving coverage disputes and conducted seminars and lectured on several occasions.

Frances Melville, Senior Consultant

Frances Melville is an accounting and finance professional. Frances has 27 years of experience working in the insurance and finance industry with both established and start-up entities. She was director of credit risk products, managing the capital structure and compliance reporting of a credit enhancement vehicle supporting over $1 billion of exposure and the operations platform of a high-yield trading platform with a $400 million warehouse facility.

Frances has prepared and managed regional budgets, led a team of auditors on data analysis, developed and assessed business plans, repaired pro-forma financial statements and conducted market analysis. She was retained to act as a CFO for a troubled insurance company and assist counsel in constructing a plan to continue as a going concern with the NY Department of Financial Services.

John Cuff, Consultant

John Cuff has over 40 years' experience in the insurance and accounting industry. John was an executive who specialized in domestic and international insurance and reinsurance casualty claims management. He is familiar with all lines of property and casualty claims, with demonstrated expertise in professional liability, architects and engineers, directors and officers, general, auto, and product liability.

John has a strong background and extensive experience in internal compliance audits, insurance and reinsurance claims monitoring, auditing, and counseling. He is also experienced in the management and supervision of legal and professional reinsurance staff.

John has worked for Ernst & Young and was a principal in the claims services group. He provided consulting services and generated new business in three broad areas: internal compliance audits, operational advise, and quantification of losses. Prior to that, he worked for Coopers & Lybrand, providing consulting services and generated business with a diverse group of C&L clients.